The Unicorn Integrated Horseshoe repairs the horn capsule back to that of a normal healthy hoof and enables the regenerative growth of fissure-free horn material.

This picture shows the three main components of the Unicorn Integrated Horseshoe:
hoof, support frame and synthetic horn.

In this case, an eggbar shoe version has been selected to control the degree of hoof movement.

The support frame features 14 links forming a closed loop. The hardened-steel allen bolts act as a hining system allowing adjustment in all directions and eventual final setting of the frame for all hoof forms. Mounted on the steel chain links are special plastic links with positioning tabs which embrace the lower edge of the hoof wall and load-carrying hoof rim.
Four of these positioning tabs are elongated and slide into positioning guides wich have been glued to the hoof wall to prevent twisting of the hoof within the frame assembly.

These positioning tabs slide within the positioning guides so that the support frame assembly can be minimally withdrawn from the hoof sole.
The withdrawal of the support frame assembly creates a hollow space between the hoof and the support frame assembly in which the synthetic horn is then injected.
This ensures complete filling of all spaces within the support frame.

The paste like synthetic horn is applied using a portable, two component, twin cartridge battery operated gun.
The uniform mixing of the two components is achieved by the use of a disposable static mixing jet and curing requires some 5 to 15 minutes depending on ambient temperatures of the components. Thanks to the support frame, the hoof can be normally loaded during this time.

After the synthetic horn material has been injected, spread evenly and uniformly in the hoof sole region by using a spatula and ensuring that the allen bolts covered, a latex stocking is pulled over the entire hoof.

The hoof can now be put down.

Additional synthetic horn is applied between the hoof wall and the latex stocking and is evenly manually distributed from outside the latex stocking.

All 3 paying full attention.

The finished Unicorn Integrated Horseshoe (third shoeing).
(see photo 10: facture-free horn)

A removed 7 week old Unicorn Integrated Horseshoe from a second shoeing.

This endurance horse was completely without any lameness despite heavy work loading. The hoof growth was exceptional.

The Unicorn Integrated Horseshoe proves itself to be particularly safe and displays excellent grip in all conditions.

The shoe is removed with a hoof chisel knife.

Thin layers of natural horn bonded to the synthetic horn are visible in those regions which were not separated by the hoof chisel knife.


The bond strength between synthetic horn and natural horn is stronger than that of natural horn to natural horn.
(see microscopic examination)

The standard shoe is open ended enabling free and natural hoof movement.